An Introduction to Service Design – Designing the Invisible

Lara Penin


A comprehensive introduction to designing services according to the needs of users or participants, this book addresses a new and emerging field of design and the disciplines that feed and result from it. Despite its intrinsic multidisciplinary, service design is a new specialization of design in its own right. Responding to the challenges of and providing holistic, creative and innovative solutions to increasingly complex contemporary societies, service design now represents an integrative and advanced culture of design. All over the world new design studios are defining their practice as service design while long established design and innovation consultancies are increasingly embracing service design as a key capacity.

Divided into two parts to allow for specific reader requirements, the book starts by focusing on main service design concepts and critical aspects. Part II offers a methodological overview and practical tools for the service design learner, and highlights fundamental capacities the service design student must master. Combined with a number of interviews and case studies from leading service designers, this is a comprehensive, informative exploration of this emerging design practice.


Interviews with

Birgit Mager
Ezio Manzini
Jodi Forlizzi
Eduardo Staszowski,
Cameron Tonkinwise
Daniela Sangiorgi
Alessandro Confalonieri
Sarah Schulman
The Reboot team
Juha Kronqvist
 Alex Nisbett
Lucy Kimbell


by Clive Dilnot

Part 2
The Service Design Process

Chapter 7
Getting Started in the Service Design Process
Chapter 8
Research and Analysis
Chapter 9
Generating Service Design Concepts
Chapter 10
Prototyping, Testing, Iterating
Chapter 11
Implementing and Evaluating Services
Chapter 12
Service Design Core Capabilities


Part 1
Introduction to Services

Chapter 1
Defining Services
Chapter 2
The Service Economy
Chapter 3
Digital Services
Chapter 4
Services for Public Interest
Chapter 5
The Politics of Service Design
Chapter 6
Designing for Services